Custom Maintenance Light Reminder Sticker Advantages

Every owner or service manager of an automotive service station, dealership, or garage should keep in mind that the fully customized Maintenance Light Reminder Sticker can easily drive traffic to the business, and make current customers to returning customers. After you’ve applied a custom maintenance light sticker to your client’s windshield they will know well where they need to go, or who they need to call in case of the wrench symbol, the check engine message or other kind of warning lights turn on their dashboard. In this kind of cases drivers are nervous enough since something doesn’t work the proper way in their car, and not everybody start to find the user’s manual, maintenance guides, ¬†so they do not know the exact steps to follow, but when they see your sticker with your business information, it’s easier to visit or call you.

The customized maintenance light reminder stickers contain your business information as your address, your phone number, your website or email address, so your clients can contact you without any hesitations.

We make the maintenance light reminder stickers using Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK (CMYK) ink configuration -which means we print all the colors in one step - similar way as you print out your documents on your desktop printer - instead of printing the limited solid or spot colors layer by layer. This is why we call our stickers Full Color Custom Maintenance Light Reminder Stickers. The big advantage of this one step process is your reminder stickers cost less; you do not need to pay extra for additional colors. Your logo and if you want the whole sticker can contain any colors, not limited to only a few (usually black, red, blue, green) inks. Your sticker artwork can be built from gradients, and can contain images in case you need them. We use environment friendly ECO-Solvent inks for supply stickers that last long without fading, and save the environment. ECO-solvent inks last for 5+ years, this guarantees you that your business information will be readable for long.

Most of the maintenance light reminder stickers in the automotive market are printed on clear static cling only. Static clings are great materials for other kind of short term stickers, but for maintenance light stickers definitely not the best material. However we want to cover all the maintenance light sticker needs, and we also offer these stickers on static cling materials, we strongly recommend to use removable vinyl materials for this purpose. We offer the maintenance light stickers on six different materials; including clear and white static cling, clear, frosted clear, bright yellow and white removable vinyl materials. While static cling stickers do not have any adhesive layers, they stay on the windshields by their own static charge, the removable vinyl materials backed by a low tack (sometimes called LOTAC) adhesive layer. The removable vinyl stickers work fine in any seasons, and won’t fall down from temperature differences.

The materials we use are so different from each other, we are offering a try-out package for $49.00; this starter package contains 60 of each of the four most popular sticker materials, as clear and white static clings, and frosted clear and white removable vinyl stickers. Basically you will receive 240 stickers on the four different sticker materials.
Also, when you order your maintenance light reminder stickers from us, you do not need to pay for artwork setup, and the oversized stickers are sold as the regular ones too. This means; up to 4.5 square inches all the stickers are sold on the same low price on every sticker materials.

The shape of your stickers can be rectangle, rounded corner rectangle, oval, or even custom cut.
You can combine the oil change reminder stickers and maintenance light reminder stickers into one combo sticker to save money and minimize the surface you cover from the windshield.